Founded in 2007, CKB has become recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of premium quality fitness equipment. With integrated services of R&D, manufacture, sales, technology, etc. CKB has formed a complete fitness product supply chain through the years.
Innovation is CKB’s core spirit, we have industry-leading automatic equipment like automatic spraying lines, rubber coating lines, laser cutting machines, CNC machines, etc. We have also introduced the 6S methodology – the best practice for manufacturing.
Quality is the basis of the company, we put our best effort into the details of every manufacturing process. Every single product that comes from CKB will have the best quality.

CKB has a wide array of fitness products like kettlebells, dumbbells, plates, barbells, gym balls, rigs & racks, protection products etc.

Over the years we served a wide range of customers worldwide. We value our clients and believe in building long-lasting relationships.

Looking into the future, CKB will continue to grow with our commitment to the principles that the company was founded on - High quality, best service, and win-win relationships. We will continue to boost at a rapid pace with new products, new customers and dedicated employees.